Fabric De-Stash!
As always, comment to claim.  Several excellent items, I just haven't the time to really put into making something special and worthy of the materials.

1. Hand Painted Silk- From Ying Li intimates.  The company has since folded but this is from when I worked with them.  They manufactured high end sleepwear and sold to the likes of Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.  This is 100% Silk Charmeuse that has been hand painted with special dyes by her family artisans.  The fabric retailed for over $60/yd.  This is for two pieces 1yd x 45" and .75yd x 45"  -$25

2. Zebra- Yep, it's real.  I don't know where it came from or how it came to be, but it's a beautiful piece.  Measures 22" x 12"  (tip to tip) -$20

3. Lace- Very pretty allover lace  Some stretch to it.  Eyelash edge  Measures 60" x 54"  -$15

WOw, Whoa and Holy Moly!
Really, honestly... holy moly. What on earth was I doing using domestic coutil for so long?!
Yes, it's serviceable...

But it's the difference between driving a beat up, bare bones Jeep or a really nice sports car.
If you haven't tried the imported stuff yet, do!!! I'm not going back!

Cont.- The Motherload of Fabric **FALL/WINTER EDITION** Scrumptious goodies
Good lord, will it ever end?! Not for another season or two... I have even more woolens and fleeces that I pulled out of the vault. Click through if you're interested. Great for Christmas gifts!Read more?Collapse )

Vintage Sewing goodies galore and corset supplies, oh my!
I've gone through another drawer and I am thinning the herd. Click through for some goodies. Comment to claim!
Read more...Collapse )

Altering a dress with diamond shaped silk chiffon underarm gussets for a client. enough said.

The Motherload of Fabric **FALL/WINTER EDITION** Scrumptious goodies
Well hello everyone!
Do you all remember the Spring sale that I had on all my fabric?! Well the seasons have changed, there is a chill in the air and it's FINALLY wool sewing weather! Finally. Read moreCollapse )

Yaarrg, You be my matey!
So, I just got myself into a heap of trouble...
I have about 30 lbs. of fabric that is going to magically transform it's self into two complete pirate ensembles in the next 12 days. Yes, it's early for Halloween... but this is a midnight pirate cruise around Manhattan, complete with gypsy fiddlers and booze. All on a full sailed tall ship. Hands down best event, ever. It's also Sept 11th, and the lights commemorating the twin towers will be lit.

My total damage for both outfits is just under $115. There is enough wool for 2 coats, cotton/linen for a shirt and pants, leather for an off the shoulder corset, red silk for a sash, tassles for said sash and lining for both swing coats. Whew, that was a haul! I packed all of it up on the trusty station wagon "aka, my cruiser bicycle" and pedaled home.

I plan of taking photos along the way to document the process. If you're interested, check back!
Cheers matey, yarrgh. I couldn't resist.

Guy Laroche. Linen. 80's. Enough said.
I took on an alteration project of an 80's Guy Laroche safari dress. It's cute, or will be... but right now it's the absolute last thing I want to do. I want to break off and start a ribbon corset, but I know that I should keep that as my fun reward.

Also, for the same client... She split the invisible zipper I put in a month ago and it's entirely frustrating that I have got to go back into the whole thing and replace it. I wish people would be more careful with their nice clothes.

Tulle Bomb...
Does anyone else find themselves up to their eyeballs in silk and all things weddings right now?

In one day I got two bridesmaid's dresses, adding to the one bridesmaid dress and wedding dress I already have in the works...

The best part is that I am a maid of honor too. Does anyone have some droolworthy tear sheets of chiffon dresses? I found something from Dior (I think) that I could translate into chiffon and actually line so it's not see through... but I am not sold. Give me your best! P.s. I'm 26, short waist, long legs and short neck... stupidly long arms, and it has to be Midnight blue. gah.

...You want to try something different
...and you end up with a pile of broken machine needles.

The other day I picked up some fine sewing machine needles, 60/8 to be exact and I couldn't be more disappointed. While waiting in line I realized that I was short on superfine needles.

Sure enough there was a display right at the counter and after asking the opinion of more than 3 people I picked up 3 sets. Made in Germany, I suspected nothing but the best and thought I made out like a bandit with the in store promotion. Turns out, I am wrong. After 2 layers of chiffon and 40 yards, three have snapped. Yes, snapped. One dare I say, even exploded.

These Klassè needles were tempting, and now I'm just plain crabby... with one superfine needle left and an entire bridesmaid dress to alter. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best... and never buying these fabric pokers again!


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